Halton Service Coordination

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Halton Service Coordination


Service Coordination creates circles of support as needed around each child or youth and their family to promote healthy child development and to ensure children and youth have access to effective, formal integrated services and natural supports.

Halton Service Coordination

If a family is working with more than one service provider for their child they should expect the providers to meet with them to ensure services are coordinated and reflect the goals the family has identified.

The following web site will link you to a full description of the service coordination process: https://rockonline.ca/for-caregivers/programs-and-services/

The above website posts community training dates so all services that work with families and children can learn about the role they play in the process.

Halton Coordinated Service Planning

This more intensive process of service coordination is for families who are struggling to manage all of their child’s services and family pressures.

The following website will link you to a full description of the Halton Coordinated Service Planning process:

Halton Coordinated Service Planning (CSP) is a higher level of service than regular Service Coordination. CSP providers work together with a family to ensure they are integrating service delivery for you and your child/youth. CSP will strive to decrease the stress a family may be experiencing and provide them with a voice in navigating and coordinating services for their child/youth.

To find out if a family is eligible for Halton Coordinated Service Planning, they can speak to one of their service providers or contact ROCK's Coordinated Service Planning Intake at 289-266-0036


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