Developmental Temperature Taking

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Developmental Temperature Taking


Learn more about child development, developmental surveillance tools you can use, and activities to recommend to parents.

1. Recognize Developmental Milestones

Visit the Center for Disease Control's Milestones in Action video library - a free library of photos and videos of developmental milestones

2. Developmental surveillance tools

The Early Years Check In

The Early Years Check-In is a series of rating scales that asks you to rate your level of concern regarding how your child is developing. It can be completed for children 18 months - 6 years. The Early Years Check-In is not a diagnostic tool.










Communication Checkup

The Communication Checkup is an online screening tool created for parents and legal guardians living in Halton and Peel regions. The tool can also be used by educators in the community to screen children in their care.


3. Online learning about developmental surveillance

Complete the Developmental Surveillance and the Early Years Check-In course online


1. Create an account or log in
2. Click "See Programs" button or "Programs" in the top menu
3. Select Developmental Surveillance Initiative
4. Complete the course


4. Activities and Resources for Parents

Visit Play and Learn for activities to support development, a parent resource



Identify Concerns Early

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