THRC Podcast Summer Replay

blue and purple tie dye backround with writing THRC podcast summer replay and earphone and micrphone with the word podcast under it THRC Podcast is taking a break this Summer to reflect and get ready for another exciting year of connecting and learning.

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Exploring Outdoor With Rusty Keeler 

In this episode, Rusty shares insights and practical strategies to create outdoor spaces that inspire and excite.


Listen in as we explore the concept of flow and how it relates to the pursuit of happiness and joy.

Hosting and Mentoring ECE Students

Let's revisit the impact that Hosting and Mentoring ECE Students has on our classroom and the Early Learning sector. Will you be a mentor this year? 

Your Classroom Without Walls

Continue exploring the outdoor classroom in this episode where you will hear simple strategies to get outside and embrace all the outdoor has to offer.



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