Talking Circle and Self-Regulation ZOOM Session

THRC eConnect

THRC eConnects are a way to keep us virtually connected during this time and share information and online resources.

Talking Circle ZOOM Session

Join Karen as she supports a journey to move from Reconciliation to ReconciliACTION. Through these discussions we will be working towards creating a safe and welcoming place for Indigenous families.
Facilitated by: Karen Marshall
April 28th - 10-11am OR April 30 - 7-8pm.
Spots are limited.
Self-Regulation Zoom Session
What is self-regulation? Why is it important to know about it? How do I support self-regulation with the children in my program?
Facilitated by: Jessica Rankin & Sonia Holden
April 28 from 1-2pm. Spots are limited.
Online Resources
By: The Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute
Trainer: Vicki Enns, MMFT, RMFT

THRC Flyer with 10 Ways to De-Stress at Home - sit in the sun, meditate, take a bath, write in a journal, listen to a podcast, create something, savour a cup of tea

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