School Age Activities & Resources – Two Week

Puddle Jumping Sight Word Game - Fantastic Fun & Learning
A child standing outside with an umbrella with blue puddle cut out sight words
Get outdoors this spring (or stay inside if it's really raining) to practice reading with this fun gross motor sight word game for preschool & kindergarten.
Freezy Tee Contest
A child wearing a yellow shirt and attempting to put on a blue shirt
The chill factor in this fast-paced race makes it much cooler than your average dress-up game. Before the contest, prepare a T-shirt for each participant by soaking it with water, wringing it out, and folding it. Placing waxed paper between each one, stack the folded shirts on a baking sheet and freeze them. When they're stiff, hand them out to the players. The first to get into their frozen tee wins!
How to make a cloud in a jar!
Glass jar with white smoke
Items for First Method:
  • A jar with lid, About 1/3 cup hot water, Ice, Hairspray
Items for Second Method:
  • A jar, A match, A balloon with the bottom cut off, Warm water
  • A flashlight

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How you can support recent graduates of Early Childhood Education programs
Early Childhood Education is a care and relationship-based practice. To support the well-being and holistic development of children, RECEs need theoretical knowledge about child development, curriculum and pedagogy, for example, and the skills to apply that knowledge in practice.
SAVE THE DATE - School Age Conference Flyer for October 22, 2021 with 7 school age running with their back packs on
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