Reflections on Quality – A New Year of Professional Learning

Reflections on Quality is an invitation to reflect by Anna Nguyen-Sgro, Quality Specialist, Children’s Services, Halton Region

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2018!

For many people, the month of January is viewed as a time of renewal, rejuvenation, resolution and reflection in their personal and professional lives. While Early Childhood Educators regularly engage in reflection and goal setting to strengthen the quality of their programs and practice, the New Year may also be an optimal time for you to consider your professional goals.

Perhaps your resolution is to commit to building on your practical skills or to learn something new in your professional role. As outlined in the College of Early Childhood Educators, Code of Ethics, “Early Childhood Educators value lifelong learning and commit themselves to engaging in continuous professional learning to enhance their practice”. How Does Learning Happen? also describes Early Childhood Educators as lifelong learners who take responsibility for their own learning and make decisions about ways to integrate knowledge from theory, research, their own experience and their understanding of individual children and families they work with. Through the College of Early Childhood Educators Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Program, this dedication to ongoing learning is formalized and made visible to others.

The CPL Activities Web outlines a variety of learning activities that may fit with your interests and learning style. As Partners in Professional Excellence, The Halton Resource Connection (THRC) provides many different opportunities to support your ongoing learning, grow your professional knowledge and enhance your practice. The professional resource library is equipped with a wealth of resources and equipment that can enhance your professional knowledge and program.  You may also be interested in the multitude of learning opportunities offered in THRC’s professional learning publication including the upcoming professional learning event, Winter Recharge.

Invitation to Reflect:
Reflect on these questions with your team as you consider your personal and program goals for the upcoming year.

  1. What questions do you have? What sparks your curiosity? (How Does Learning Happen? page 40)
  2. How do we develop a culture of reflective practice so that professional development happens day after day in the classroom as we work with children and each other? (Coughlin and Baird, 2013).
  3. Since educators are researchers within their programs or communities, what would you like to investigate further in your program? (How Does Learning Happen? page 40)
  4. How can opportunities to engage in critical reflection and discussion with others about pedagogy and practices, support continuous professional learning and growth?
  5. How will you document your ongoing professional learning in a meaningful way?

Anna Nguyen-Sgro, RECE, MA Quality Specialist, Child Care System
Halton Region, Children’s Services
[email protected]

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