Outdoor Activities

Spring has sprung - outdoor activities banner. A child is wearing a rain coat, standing in the middle of a puddle

A field of Sunflowers

Plant a Sunflower House

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Sunflower house in action video!

a young child climbing the wooden structure

Rusty shares more about the Playscape Makeover Masterclass!

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Outdoor Instruments for your Yard!

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Resource Bins at THRC!

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Picture with the baseball bat, orange pylons, frisbee, ball scoopers and circle pylons

Field Day- Props & Games
# 1812
A basket of fruits and a bean bag catch basket with holes
Fruit Toss Bean Bag Game
# 5015 
Information and Inspiration Sheets
Supporting outdoor play in all types of weather inspiration sheet
Learning Outdoor with Loose Parts inspiration sheet
Books to inspire your Outdoor Environment
Adventures in Risky Play
Christopher Alexander
Daniel Ladinsky
Bob Hughes
Robin Christie
Joan Almon
Nancy Striniste
Brigitta Ralston
Angela Hanscom
Tim Gill
Lenore Skenazy
Robin Moore
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