Introducing a New Art Medium: Clay
This year Winter Recharge offered a clay workshop.
Do you want to learn more about using clay in your program?
The Artists and Children Together (ACT) program have shared information and are hosting a Clay Q & A session.
Why Use Clay?
Clay offers an opportunity to sculpt using your ideas & natural connections to the world around you. This medium can be played with, and altered using your hands and other natural materials as tools.
First experiences of exploring with clay do not require more than water, clay, curious hands & minds.
Building on multiple encounters with clay may lead to adding tools to provocations. Keep the sponge moist for ready-to-use applications to the clay & hands.
As you and the children become more comfortable with clay, consider what else you can provide as provocations, or what the children might bring to the exploration.
Soiled water must be disposed of outside & not down the drains as it will clog pipes.
Do you have questions about the use of clay?
Join the ACT Team for an open Q&A session.
Tuesday April 13, 2021
6:30PM - 7:30PM
Click here to request Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)