In-Centre Support

In-centre support offers services and support to build the capacity of educators and teams within the child care centre.

The In-Centre Support team consists of both Support Facilitators and Preschool Facilitators.

Support FacilitatorA picture of two boys hugging and playing with a puzzle

A Support Facilitator collaborates with educators to enhance skills and strategies that support inclusion such as: routines and transitions, positive interactions, self-help and self-regulation skills, social interactions, utilizing visuals, and enhancing functional play skills.

Preschool FacilitatorA picture of a consultant sitting beside an educator while she plays with a child painting.

A Preschool Facilitator will support through modeling, coaching, and reflective conversations with educators to develop skills and strategies to support; classroom arrangement, positive interactions, self-regulation, routines and transitions, observation and documentation.

Facts About In-Centre Support



 To connect with In-Centre Support, contact the Centralized Intake Line


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