Health & Safety Guidance – New paid sick days legislation

New paid sick days legislation

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The Ontario government has announced the Ontario COVID-19 Worker Income Protection Benefit. This benefit is available retroactively from April 19, 2021 till September 25, 2021, once legislation passes.
The intent of this program is to cover workers during the COVID-19 testing and vaccination periods to keep those at home that might be sick, so the virus does not spread.
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Health and Safety Guidance for Your Business
As the pandemic continues, we once again find ourselves under a provincial state of emergency and stay-at-home order. Whether your business is temporarily closed or still open, this month’s eNews features guidance to help you improve your planning and new ideas on keeping your business and employees safe.
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While COVID-19 precautions have become a part of daily life, hot weather adds another element, especially when wearing PPE.
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We asked WSPS experts for their insights on four top questions. This is what they told us.
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