Winter Recharge 2017

Winter Recharge 2017



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Winter Recharge 2017 February 25, 2016
Come join us, this is your chance to recharge!  Together with other professionals, you can collaborate and engage in critical reflection with opportunities for experiential learning designed with the intent to activate the “think, feel, act” sequence once you return to your work environments.

The inquiry group sessions offered in the morning and afternoon will give you a chance to participate in collaborative inquiry – a way to connect with others, identify what you are curious about, investigate an aspect of professional practice, and consider what this suggests for moving forward. With the guidance of a facilitator, we will engage in this critical reflection with others and build capacity to implement new practices in yourself and your workplace team. Choose your sessions of interest for the morning following the keynote from Dr. Jean Clinton and again in the afternoon.

Inquiry Groups:

  1. Living in Relationships of Connection with Children – This session is now full.
    How often have you heard yourself giving directives, correctives and commands to children? How often have you struggled to find a way out of this way of connection? If we believe children base their view of themselves and the world on their daily experiences in relationship with the adults around them, do we choose to spend our moments alongside children giving empathic care and being curious about knowing them or to spend those moments directing and correcting?  Let’s complicate these ideas together knowing we all have something to share and something to explore about practices of connection with children.
  2. Creating Connection in Team Relationships – This session is now full. 
    There is often an “invisible dance” that educator’s exhibit when they work together naturally and in synchrony, as if they can read each other’s minds.  What exactly are they doing and how do they know how to work together?  Exploring team relationships and dynamics through the lens of connection allows us look inward and discover new insights and approaches to use with others.
  3. Child Care Centre as a Community: Creating Belonging and Connection for Parents – This session is now full.
    Parents are tasked with having to cope and thrive in a fast-paced, techno-rushed culture that often allows little energy or opportunity for connecting with educators and other parents in the child care setting. Could a sense of belonging to “community” help reduce the anxiety that often results in challenging relationships between educators and parents? Is it possible that a sense of community could transform the experience of the parent from isolation to connection? How might we create a sense of community in a child care setting that builds belonging and connection between families and with educators?
  4. Workplaces that Connect, Inspire and Transform – This session is now full.
    Imagine the ideal workplace environment for you and your team: what does it sound like and feel like? Does it bring people together in relationships of trust and openness?Does it inspire you and the team to live out the professional values and responsibilities of this profession? Does it give people the promise of continual growth and renewal? As an early childhood professional, how might you contribute to the creation and sustainability of environments like this for teams? What dispositions, skills and knowledge are necessary to make this happen? Together we will explore how workplace environments have the potential to connect, inspire and transform us!
  5. Connecting to Your Personal Potential – This session is now full.
    “All About Me” is often a phrase coined for getting to know children and families who are a part of our child care community, but what if you were also curious about getting to know you? Knowing yourself is powerful; it provides insight and perspective on the impact we each have as we engage in relationships and live out actions in those relationships.  Are you curious to understand yourself and the power within you? Do you want to connect to your personal potential and discover how to be the best you can be?
  6. Language-Rich Environments: Creating Connection through Expression – This session is now full. 
    The possibility of language to bring children closer to ourselves, to each other, and to themselves is profound. Language-rich environments, both indoors and outdoors, can create optimal conditions for children’s personal expressions of meaning: “what do I know? What am I thinking? What am I curious about?” How might educators create expressive environments that are catalysts for children’s inquiry, play, and discovery in relationships with materials and other people?

Please choose your 2 preferred Inquiry Groups below when you register.

The following Inquiry Groups are now full:

1) Living in Relationships of Connection with Children
2) Creating Connection in Team Relationships
3) Child Care Centre as a Community: Creating Bleonging and Connection for Parents
4) Workplaces that Connect, Inspire and Transform
5) Connecting to Your Personal Potential
6) Language-Rich Environments: Creating Connection through Expression

Burlington Holiday Inn and Conference Centre
3063 South Service Road
Burlington, Ontario
Presenter: Dr. Jean Clinton
THRC Member: $75
THRC Non-Member: $85
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February 13, 2017



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