School Age Professional Learning Day

School Age Professional Learning Day

School Age Professiona learning Day  October 23, 2020
9:45am- 1:45pm
Welcome to our first virtual School Age Professional Learning Day. Prior to the event, you will receive an e-mail with the details of the day and your two ZOOM links. If you haven’t receive your links by October 22nd, e-mail us at [email protected]

Motivating Self Through Times of Change

Presented by Carolyn Hadcock

We are living through an unprecedented time of change. COVID 19 certainly has upended most of our lives. How are you handling it? Is change an ally or foe? Did you find these changes scary or could you see positive aspects in your new situation? Was there a silver lining?

During this keynote address, with Carolyn, you will examine reasons for your feelings. Carolyn will also assist you to discover secrets to aid in motivating self to be a Master Change Handler. You will leave this session with the skills to embrace change, being able to view your changing circumstance with a positive attitude.

‘Unfolding a Piece of Yourself’
A meditative drawing experience exploring lines, shapes, sizes and space to inspire what and how we draw.  Looking at the simple materials we have available all the time in new ways to reduce the pressure, expectations and comparison we put on ourselves.

Items needed: paper, pencils, eraser, fine tip markers, four to eight loose parts, dice (dice are optional)

*Choose from one of the following workshop below.

FULL – Workshop 1: Everyday Science for School Age Children

Many Educators working with school-age children are learning how to incorporate science in their programs. In this workshop you will discover the importance of science and how to implement a science area and experiences in your programming. During this time, you will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of school-age appropriate, hands-on science activities that use everyday materials. Bring an open mind to gain knowledge and expect to have fun with science.

If you registered for this session, you will receive a list of optional materials to have available.

FULL – Workshop 2: Bring Your Classroom Program Outside!

Bring your classroom program outside! Engage your School Agers while exploring the outside! This session will show you how to provide a fun filled, safe environment, while still providing the quality care!

Please submit your questions in advance.

Workshop 3: Trauma Informed Care in Our School Age Programs

Please join us for an overview of trauma and how we can use a trauma informed approach in School Aged programs to help foster safety, support, and responsive relationships.


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