Mindfulness For Self Care

Mindfulness For Self Care

Mindfulness for Self Care March 3, 2021

7:00pm – 8:00pm

Mindfulness is a way to bring us to the present moment.
Developing a Mindfulness Practice can:
  • Calm the mind and bring ease to the body
  • Reduce stress and ease anxiety
  • Help us to relax
  • Change our mood and bring feelings of well being
  • Support us with Mental Wellness
  • Allow for a greater sense of joy
  • Show us how to pause and then choose whether to respond or react
  • Increase self-compassion
  • Help to develop more grace and resilience during times of challenge
Facilitator: Kristeen Sopeju
Please Bring:
Yourself.  Nothing else is needed.  If at home, please wear comfortable clothing.
This Mindfulness session is meant as a time for Self Care.

If this session is full, e-mail [email protected] to be put on the waitlist.

the following technology is required to participate in these interactive virtual sessions: Camera and Microphone

Online via Zoom
No Cost
Registration Deadline:

March 2, 2021

You will receive a ZOOM link from [email protected], on the day of the event.

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