How Does Language Happen? Using the Four Foundations to Support Language Learning November 29, 2016
Join us as we delve into the How Does Learning Happen? guiding document with a focus on “how language happens”. We discuss the four foundations of Well-Being, Engagement, Belonging and Expression through a lens of literacy and share documentation that makes visible young children’s language learning from infancy. We encourage you to bring a piece of documentation or photo, child’s work, etc… that speaks to you, and to discuss interactions in your classroom to consider how we support young children’s language development and how we can reflect on our own methods to strengthen children’s language in the classroom.
The Halton Resource Connection
410 Bronte St. South, Milton
Tiffany Room

Presenter: Moyra Hewlett, RECE, B.ECS, OCT
THRC Members: $5
Non-Members: $15
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November 15, 2016



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