A Can of Worms

Have You Read the Book A Can of Worms?

A Can of Worm Book Cover

A Can of Worms
written by Nick Terrones
Toddlers ask big, bold questions every day.
A Can of Worms is a guide and support for celebrating these most important conversations. Have no fear, take a deep breath and respond.
-taken from Exchange
A Can of Worms is available for borrowing in the Resource Library.
A Can of Worms Podcast
Part 1: "Children use their play to enhance their understanding of the world in which they live in...it's their truth and it needs to happen." - Cameile Henry
A Can of Worms Podcast Image with Logo
Part 2: "...I think when they see us being curious and exploring, living in the moment, having fun and making mistakes. I think that's the best example we can be." - Claire Takeuchi
A Can of Worms Part 2 of Podcast image
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