What’s Happening In October 2022

What's Happening In October 2022


October 11, 2022
Join other educators to discuss and discover how children explore the world around them through all their senses.
Together, we will discuss and discover how to support all seven senses in the learning environments and share ideas while having fun exploring.
“The senses, being the explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge...”- Maria Montessori.
October 13, 2022
Have you been thinking about completing your ECE Diploma? Or currently enrolled in the ECE diploma program?
Come learn what funding opportunities are available to you.
This evening we will be discussing :
  • Who can take advantage of our education grant programs
  • How you can receive free tuition to help you with your ECE education and career path.
  • The next steps for Registered Early Childhood Educators.
  • How you can make a difference as a leader in your field.
Join Artist Shannon from ACT-Artists and Children Together in exploring our human connection to the earth, using clay in this in-person session.
Where does it come from and why do we want to explore it?
Can exploring the states of clay deepen our connection to the earth, ourselves and our own wellness?
Come with us on a journey into clay from wet to hard, crumbled to liquid and see why clay is a catalyst to building relationship.
October 18, 2022
Talking Circles will be a mix of focused conversations about how we implement the spirit of reconciliation; addressing myths and misconceptions; activities and resources for young children.
Join Karen Marshall, MCRC’s Indigenous Reconciliation Facilitator and Consultant.
THRC believes that all children are sacred and that Every Child Matters.
October 19, 2022
This session is an introduction to self-care and wellness.
ROCK Early Years Facilitators and Educators we will collaborate and learn about our window of tolerance, while also exploring ways in which we can effectively communicate boundaries and more.
October 20, 2022
Retention of quality educators has always been the #1 Challenge for Early Childhood Programs which was intensified due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Awareness is key, but what is next? Faciltiated by Jeron A Bailey, Consultant and Trainer Bailey Insights
October 25, November 8 & 22, 2022
Each session will dig deeper into Loose Parts and their powerful ability to act as a foundation for creative problem solving, to honour inclusion and diversity and act as a tool for deep reflection.
Our goals for this exploration are to connect to LP as a tool to spark curiosity and find personal connections to the multitude of ways LP can inspire meaningful choice making and expression.
October 27, 2022
How do we learn and grow in reciprocal relationships? What are reciprocal relationships? How does history influence our current and future relationships?
How does the interconnectedness between educators, learners, the land and water impact decisions we make? How does focusing on relationships influence systems?
School Age
Licensed Home Providers
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