More Outdoor Learning For This Fall! FREE RUSTY WEBINAR: COVID OUTDOOR PLAY – 19

About Rusty Keeler
Rusty Keeler is a designer, author, and speaker with a unique sensitivity to the sights, sounds and experiences of childhood.
For nearly 30 years Rusty has travelled the world designing natural outdoor play envirornments and speaking about the benefits and beauty of saying “yes” to children’s play.
Fresh air, open space, blue sky and sun: more great reasons to spend time with children outside in our current situation. Let’s let nature guide us to create healing outdoor classrooms, natural playscapes, and “all outside days”. Together we can find practical solutions to make our outdoor spaces more playful, engaging, grounding and safe. It’s more than spritzing off play equipment – it’s finding new ways to say “yes” to play and learning in the great outdoors.

September 3, 2020 from 2pm-4pm- FREE RUSTY WEBINAR: COVID OUTDOOR PLAY – 19 - Click here to Register

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